The Summer has been filled with smoke but also great music. Thanks go out to my bandmates Phil Newton, Dave Clayton, Mark Stever with special guests Gary Nelson and Jack Hopfinger for their great backing performance of Karen lovely at Overdose Awareness Day in Pear Blossom Park August 31,2018

Upcoming Gigs: 2018

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Nov 23 Bella Union 8pm
Dec 13 Bella Union 7pm
Dec 15 Smithfields Pub 8:30pm
Dec 21 Schmidt Winery 5 pm
Dec 29 Bella Union 8pm
Dec 30 RoxyAnn Winery 3pm

                                                Smoke and Blues 
photo: Kim Almassie
Photo Gary Mark Roberts                           Electric Bluesman   Kim Almassie
David Pinsky as Robert Johnson  
 photo: Andrea Boyle
with Lloyd Jones and Phil Newton @ Laughing Clam
On June 4th 2016 I competed once more in the Cascade Blues Associations Journey to Memphis preliminary challenge at the Rose Room in Portland Oregon . My dear friend and Blues partner Phil Newton was unanble to come this time so I ventured forth with his blessing to compete as a solo with just my trusty guitar and the great support of my wife Julia. Lo and Behold ! When all was said and done I was deemed victorious garnering the highest total solo/duo score. I am the CBA's representative at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis Tennesee on Beale Street for 2017. What an honor.