David Pinsky plays the Blues. Involved in many projects as Band leader of The Rhythm Kings, Pinsky has also ventured into a solo career as well as playing front porch blues with Broadway Phil Newton. David and Phil will represent the Cascade Blues Association in Memphis this upcoming January at the International Blues Challenge

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For David and Pinsky Phil Newton dates use this link  www.davidandphil.info

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photo: Kim Almassie
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The Kings play at the Tidings Cafe
Electric Bluesman   Kim Almassie
Photos: Andrea Boyle
Drawing Julie Vandenberg
David Pinsky as Robert Johnson  
 photo: Andrea Boyle
courtesy Mandy Valencia
photos: Medford Mail Tribune
with Lloyd Jones and Phil Newton @ Laughing Clam
The Rhythm Kings @ Roscoe's"CASE OF THE BLUES"
Fri Oct 17 Laughing Clam 7 pm
Nov 7 The Point 8 pm
Nov 21,21 Bella Union 7:30
Dec 5 The Point 8 PM
Dec 19,20 Bella Union 7:30
Dec 31 Twin Creeks NYE  7 PM